Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flat White Craze

Flat White: an coffee beverage developed in Australia and New Zealand; similar to a cappuccino and consists of coffee and milk with two ristretto shots; noted for its strong taste and velvety consistency  

Starbucks recently came out with their version of the traditional flat white.  Since then, the drink has been trending in the American coffee community.  Let's face it, Starbucks is basically the voice of the American coffee community by practically monopolizing the U.S coffee industry.

When I heard Starbucks came out with the drink I was ecstatic to try it.  The drink was quite delectable and something I would definitely order again.  However after visiting Whole Foods Market and seeing the Allegro coffee bar selling their rendition, I had to partake.  Turns out, I actually preferred Allegro's version of the drink and the price difference is quite shocking.

Starbucks Tall Flat White (12 oz): starting from $3.75 (price varies in different regions) = strong and smooth, but not necessarily tasty
Allegro Flat White (12 oz): $1.75 = strong and smooth with a tasty finish

More bang for you buck in my opinion!



Monday, January 19, 2015

Gallivanting in Winter Park

I love making trips to Winter Park.  So much so, that this is my second post about it!  The quaint suburb is always a great place to spend a nice Sunday evening.  
Park Avenue is a fantastic venue for purchasing unique pieces at cute boutiques or eating lunch at its lovely sidewalk cafes.  
Ironically, the town of Winter Park was quoted as "The worst city in America" by the Jason Bateman's character in the hit comedy Identity Thief because of Melissa McCarthy's character residing there.  The quote is funny to us Central Floridians since in real life that statement is a bit on the contrary.  
Winter Park, in reality, has a certain elegance to it.  It's sophisticated ambiance sets it aside from the other locations surrounding the city of Orlando.  

Adorable Boutiques in Park Ave:

Definitely took home this fluffy sweater.

Aside from Park Ave:

Trader Joe's is a fairly new addition to the Orlando community.   Our only current location happens to be in Winter Park (they're building one in Dr. Phillips).  The store is truly unique and carries products you certainly would not find elsewhere, or at least not in the convenient way that it can be obtained within the store.    

Light and delicious with a subtle hint of sesame.  I love the fact that it is not too salty!

Healthier alternative to traditional sesame candy with the same type of taste

Although an acquired taste, seaweed actually offers quite a few health benefits (if you like sushi you'll most likely enjoy this)

Legit the best water I've ever tasted with a pH of 9.5 and added electrolytes + potassium

Magic in a jar.

The only Shake Shack in Central Florida also happens to be in Winter Park, right across from Trader Joe's.  Shake Shack is a burger joint with locations thriving across the globe.  The first Shake Shack I've been to happened to be in Covent Garden, London.

Shake Shack in Winter Park

My burger from the Covent Garden location

Charming bakeries are also destined to be found in the surrounding Winter Park area; such as Backhaus German Bakery.

The bakery serves traditional German bake goods and sandwiches as well as imported European products.

If you ever find yourself in Orlando, you should definitely make a trip to Winter Park, just make sure to bring enough cash. Winter Park's sophisticated shops come with slightly sophisticated prices.