Saturday, May 30, 2015

Light, yet mighty breakfast

I don't normally eat heavy breakfasts, which often leads to me not eating as healthy as I could in the mornings.  However, I recently conjured up a super easy (and healthy) recipe suitable for those of us who like to eat light in the morning:

Avocado + Toast


  • avocado
  • powdered cayenne pepper
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • whole grain toast


Cut up avocado slices. Sprinkle cayenne pepper and salt to your liking.  Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.  Accompany with whole grain toast.

Health Benefits:

Avocado - filled with potassium, healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and lutein 

Cayenne Pepper - anti-allergen, digestion aid, promotes heart health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, promotes heart health, can lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Whole Grain Toast - digestive aid, can lower cholesterol and blood pressure

*The tea in the picture is a delicious loose white tea infused with roses, Chelsea Garden Blend.  I picked up the tea at the Whittard in Covent Garden on my trip to London.  Whittard's teas are seriously good!




Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vero Beaching It

I don't go swimming at the beach very often, but after spending a great weekend with my family at Vero Beach I plan on increasing my visits to the Floridian shoreline.

Vero Beach is a quaint little town.  The people are hospitable and the ambiance is inviting.  The town is ideal for those wanting to get away from hectic city life.  During my stay I was very shocked by how quiet the nights are there.  Plazas all about were bare and empty at 9 p.m.  Quite different from most of Florida's cities.

Craving seafood, we devoured a local favorite, Mr. Manatees.  The food was incredible!  The seafood was fresh and flavorful with a slight island twist.  So much so my family was surprised to find a collection Matouk's pepper sauce on the shelves (Trinidadian hot sauce).  

Seafood Gumbo

Cracked Conch Basket

Blackened Salmon

Vero Beach was a great getaway, I hope to be back soon.



Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tracks of the Month: April

Here are 5 tracks I've loved during the month of April 2015:

1.  Foolish by Alpine (Indie Pop): 

2. Alright by Kendrick Lamar (Rap):

3. Gooey by Glass Animals (Indietronica):

4. Don't Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes (Roots Rock):

 5. My Type by Saint Motel (Indie Pop):

 *Links for mobile:
1. Foolish ~ Alpine
2. Alright ~ Kendrick Lamar
3. Gooey ~ Glass Animals
4  Don't Wanna Fight ~ Alabama Shakes
5. My Type ~ Saint Motel



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Inner Elan Vital #4

Topic: Finding An Outlet

Stress, worry and overwhelming situations always seem to find us in this life.  To escape the damaging effects of negative energy, it is imperative to find an outlet.  There are many ways to wind down:


1.      Sensory Escape:  light your favorite scented candle, eat your favorite comfort foods and drink relaxing, detoxifying beverages such as tea

1.      Take Time For You:  take some time out of your day for yourself and do something that what you like to do 

2.      Don't Over-think: it's easy to take your obligations to seriously, but over-thinking them can suck the joy out of your life

2.      Balance, Balance, Balance: this world revolves around balance, remember "Work hard, play hard"