Thursday, June 11, 2015

Celebrating Life in Myrtle Beach

I had the pleasure of kick starting my summer vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The town has a real southern American feel, which is a drastic change from the very diversified culture of Florida.

I could, however, relate to the great touristic influence it has.  The place was heaping with tourist traps, attractions, mini golf courses, museums, water parks and theaters.  

The beaches were filled with people basking in the sunlight and enjoying the Atlantic seawater.  The streets were filled with concert goers headed to the Carolina Country Music Fest.

View of the Sky Wheel on the Myrtle Beach boardwalk

We were blessed enough to stay at the wonderful Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation.  The suite was a spacious, condo style living area with a fantastic view of the oceanfront. 

View from one of our balconies
Best continental breakfast I've ever had!

While there, we celebrated my favorite (and only) aunt's birthday. 

My aunt and I chillin in the balcony

Although I greatly enjoyed the trip, I have no real interest in going back.  I am too spoiled and biased with my love for Florida.  There wasn't anything significantly great that Florida did not already have.



Monday, June 1, 2015

Tracks of the Month: May

Here are 5 tracks I've loved during the month of May 2015:

1.  When I Found You by Francesco Yates (R&B Pop): 

2. Remember by Feki (Electronic):

3. Some Minds by Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt (Electronic):

4. Kathleen by Catfish and the Bottlemen (Indie Rock):

 5. Need You Now by Hot Chip (Techno):

 *Links for mobile:
1. When I Found You ~ Francesco Yates
2. Remember ~ Feki
3. Some Minds ~ Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt
4  Kathleen ~ Catfish and the Bottlmen
5. Need You Now ~ Hot Chip