Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ciao, 2014

Happy New Year//Feliz Año Nuevo//Bonne Année//新年快樂//سنة جديدة سعيدة

2014 has been quite the year. I attended a crazy YouTube convention called Playlist Live.  
I embarked on a 14-day European trip with friends that I've had since 2nd grade.  I finished off my freshman year of high school and began sophomore year.  

But most importantly, 2014 was the year I embraced my love for writing.  After searching and searching for my niche, I realized that writing is it.  After several people encouraging me to start my own blog, I decided that 2014 was the perfect time to start.  My first blog post was in December 2013 (I know not 2014, but still close haha).  

Since then, I've felt like I've truly found my place in life.  I was so lost and confused about what I wanted and enjoyed in life, but blogging changed all of that for me.  

What I'm mostly proud of during 2014 is this right here.  2014 was the year I embraced blogging as not only a hobby, but one of my greatest passions.  

I'm so excited to go into 2015, more confident and persistent with my blogging.  That is my New Years Resolution.  I hope to elevate my blog to make it more pleasing and enjoyable for you, my readers.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey.  For supporting me in doing what I love.

Lots of Love,


Tracks of the Month: December

Here are 5 tracks I've loved during the month of December 2014:

1.  Make Me Wonder by Klo (Electronic/Soul): 

2. Kiss Me Again by The Drums (Indie Rock):

3. Nathalie by Gilbert Bécaud (1960's French):

4. Slow It Down by The Lumineers (Indie Folk):

 5. Only by Nicki Minaj (Rap):

 *Links for mobile:
1. Make Me Wonder ~ Klo
2. Kiss Me Again ~ The Drums
3. Nathalie ~ Gilbert Bécaud‏
4. Slow It Down ~ The Lumineers
5. Only ~ Nicki Minaj



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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chef John's Place

As one enters Chef John's Place in Kissimmee, Florida, they are embraced with its cozy and inviting ambiance.  

Chef John's menu can satisfy various taste palates with its options ranging from barbecue, seafood, grilled steaks and even some Mexican influenced plates.  

The relaxed, quaint environment, as well as the delectable food, makes it a wonderful place to share a delicious, intimate meal with the one's you love.             

Clam Strips
Fried Mushrooms
Both appetizers were the perfect options to satisfy our watering mouths.  They came to our table hot and fresh.  Although both the clams and mushrooms were fried, they were not greasy.

Rib Eye with hericot vert and roasted potatoes
Both my aunt and father decided to order the rib eye.  I stole a bite, and it was really up to par.  The meat was flavorful and tender.

Blackened Grouper Linguine 

I ordered the Blackened Grouper Linguine.  The pasta was rich with flavor and laced with a delightful beurre blanc.  The vegetables was crisp and the grated cheese (not sure which kind) suited the dish perfectly.  The grouper was perfectly cooked, being crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. The fish had a great kick to it, which is great since I love spicy food!     

Chef John's place hasn't just charmed us local Floridians with its delicious food, but also has grabbed the attention of the media.  Not to mention celebrity chef Emril Lagasse's attention who featured the restaurant in his show Emril's Florida (aired on the Cooking Channel and Food Network).