Sunday, September 28, 2014

Curl Fest 2014

For the nearly 16 years of my time here on this planet, I've manged to tame my fro naturally.       
This means I have never used any chemicals or relaxers on my hair.  
Keeping your hair natural is a difficult and expensive thing to do for us black girls, but in the end it pays off.  
It caused my hair to grow long, strong, and healthy.  Often my hair is mistaken for a weave!

So far, my signature style for sophomore year has been a crimp,
 making it look like my hair has a natural wave pattern; courtesy of my amazing hairstylist Ms. Tory

Curl Fest is a celebration of natural hair and includes vendors and hair stylists from all over Orlando promoting the growth of  healthy, natural hair.  
One product I bought from Curl Fest is the Lush Hair Lotion from Cashmere Blush. The lotion contains essential oils, vitamins, and fatty acids to add sheen and hydration to hair without weighing it down, something I definitely needed!

It was nice to see the different natural hairstyles people had at the event and how they help maintain it.  I hope to attend many other natural hair events in the future

*I apologize for not having any pics of the event.  I literally took pictures and video for you guys, but somehow managed to delete them all from my phone : (



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inner Elan Vital #3

Topic: Past, Present, and Future

Click link to look at this incredibly inspirational video:

What do you think of most?  Do you dwell in the past, stay in the present, or look towards the future?  Most of the time the youth are the ones who look towards the future.  They foresee the full life ahead of them.  But that does not mean that those who are older should give up on their dreams and stay in the past.  Nicholas Winton states that the world looks to much at the past.  How are we to move forward in our lives if we only dwell on things that are out of our control.  How can you make a difference in someone's life?  Who knows, maybe you may be the next Nicholas Winston.


1.      Take Command:  focus your actions on the present and future only looking at the past for reference

2.      Learn From Mistakes: mistakes suck, but it isn't healthy to dwell in them; instead of regretting them, make them your guide of what not to do for the present and future



Monday, September 1, 2014